Over the past two years, the Activate community has contributed more than 46,000 resources to support and enrich K-12 learning. Innovative educators have used Activate to collaborate with other educators, to help students drive their own learning and to share high quality content with parents and families. Thanks to the work you shared, Activate reached more than a million users.

During 2015, Activate started collaborating with Gooru, an award-winning nonprofit with a common mission: to support education with free, high-quality content.

To support students, teachers, and parents with one easy place to create and share quality online resources, Activate content has been migrated to the Gooru site. You are now able to access your Activate content on Gooru, using your current Activate login. If you’re looking for content from Summit Public Schools, you can browse the Summit curriculum on their online PLP tool.

Thank you for being part of the Activate community — and we look forward to your continued participation in advancing education via Gooru!