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Activate Instruction is a free online tool that gives K-12 students an enriched, personalized learning experience through playlists created and shared by teachers nationwide.


Find out how Activate lets you efficiently gather, organize and share standards-aligned resources to help each of your students.

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Discover how Activate lets you “follow” your teachers, find the information you need, and share likes and ratings with other kids.

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Learn how Activate helps you actively participate in your child’s education with access to customized resources.

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See how to easily integrate your software and content with Activate to provide data-driven enhancements to your product offering.

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We are an open community of educators, students, parents, developers, publishers and philanthropists creating a free tool to advance K-12 learning.

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Activate Instruction Adds Shareable Playlists to Free Curriculum

An article by Dian Schaffhauser on T.H.E. Journal. "Activate Instruction ... now includes almost 2,000 educational playlists created by schools…

Activate Instruction Allows Educators to Access Free Curriculum from Specific Schools

A post by Devin D. Thorpe on mysocialgoodnews. “Activate Instruction facilitates teacher collaboration and makes it easy for…