Things You Should Not Avoid When Buying Medicine Online

Things You Should Not Avoid When Buying Medicine Online

Buying medicines and supplements from unknown sources is not a good idea, as you might end up wasting money on inferior products. It is also best not to buy from unknown sellers since these are likely to be fake or sub-standard. Also, some of the products sold on the Internet are not genuine, which can cause serious harm to your health. Therefore, you should be wary of the home delivery pharmacy in Dubai before ordering.

Unlicensed online pharmacies:

There are many reasons to stay away from unlicensed online pharmacies when buying medicine online. While these websites can be a convenient way to fill your prescriptions, they can also be a major source of counterfeit medicines and other products. In addition, you never know when you might unknowingly download malware or viruses. Not to mention, some unsafe online pharmacies may ship medication from countries that are not even licensed by the FDA. In such cases, the medicines may not be as effective as the ones you need.

Illegal online pharmacies:

One out of nine adults buys prescription medicine online, and the number rises to one in six for people 55 years and older. As more people seek out brand-name meds online, they increasingly encounter illicit online pharmacies. These pharmacies are often registered on other web domains and peddle counterfeit drugs and medicines that contain dangerous ingredients. Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid them. To protect yourself from fraudulent and unsafe online pharmacies, check the FDA’s program to ensure the site is legitimate.


When it comes to online pharmacies, self-diagnosis should be the last resort. This study looked at whether respondents would be comfortable with self-diagnosis before purchasing medicines from online pharmacies. Researchers used a questionnaire developed by an infectious disease physician, a pharmacy lecturer, and an epidemiology expert. They then gave the questionnaire to 30 working-age individuals and collected the results. The reliability index was 0.84, and the questionnaire was found to be highly reliable by Cronbach’s alpha test.

Unreliable sellers:

Internet pharmacies operate illegally and pose a threat to consumers by selling medicines without a valid prescription. Many of these illicit online pharmacies imitate reputable websites, concealing untrustworthy features and using professional designs. Health information consumers may benefit from educational initiatives to learn about the dangers of purchasing medicines from rogue pharmacies and develop critical evaluation skills.